Celebrating your Achievement!
Celebrating your Achievement!

Graduation ceremony

Thumbs up!
Thumbs up!


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Celebrating your Achievement!
Celebrating your Achievement!

Graduation ceremony


High Quality Childcare Training in Croydon

Proven Success: 100%

FutureWorks has been successful in achieving up to 100% timely completion with groups of learners studying their Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce.  Our overall success rate is 86% which is 16% above the success rate achieved by London.


The FutureWorks team is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for all learners and our dedication is clearly reflected in our ability to support success!

Information, Advice, Guidance and Support


Our team provides high quality information, advice and guidance throughout the duration of all awards.  We aim to ensure that learners feel supported and encouraged from the interview stage through to certification.  We pride ourselves in being able to support learners through the entire learning process and we tailor support to meet individual needs.  We can provide study support, 1:1 support, ICT facilities, research resources; and resources to support activity planning for children and young people.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

FutureWorks recognises that each student has individual needs and requirements and we work exceptionally hard to ensure that individual needs are recognised and planned for.


We work in partnership with employers to ensure that learning meets the needs of the learners and the employer and we strive to constantly improve partnership arrangements with all parties involved in an individual's learning journey.

The FutureWorks Team

FutureWorks employs a small team of highly skilled and highly motivated assessors and quality assurers who are dedicated to raising standards across the Children and Young People's Workforce.  The assessment team has worked together for a number of years and they work cooperatively together to develop assessment services that support learners in the timely achievement of their awards.  You can 'meet the team' by viewing the 'About Us' suite of menus.

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Summer 2019


Level 3

We are pleased to announce that we are now recruiting for our Level 3 Diploma in Management programme. We will be registering learners for programmes throughout 



Fast track back into full or part-time employment. Aquire skills to improve your chances of success. Just make a  comitment to start new work, build your CV and attend an interview. Can be completed beween 2 -4 months